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Ali Rybczyk (pronounced Rib-zick)

( say it 5 times fast) is a painter based out of the totally unpopular & non-artsy

Laguna Beach, CA. (omg. Do you really believe that? Of course Ali lives in a total 

artsy beach town and is super involved with the community!)

She claims she, "never met a color she didn't like".

Influenced by her artistic roots, both of her grandmothers & painter mom, 

Ali has been developing her relationship with art since she was a little kid,

"I blame my roots. I really had no choice".

 What she really means is, making art is what makes sense to her, it is her language of love.

When asked to explain her style, Ali usually says, 

"Playful yet bold with meaning".

(Smirking at the thought of the person now having to

imagine what that might mean)

In an honest attempt to describe her creative services, in her paint stained wardrobe,

 "I create custom paintings for events (Yes, painting during an event!) Painted Event Decor (Yes, art instillations: murals, backdrops! Freelance abstract illustration"
BUT ,  
Her greatest sense of work is an intuitive- art guide.

So she started a very nostalgic art experience for kids,

Pop Up Art Camp

       & teaching transformative art workshops: 

Brushes & Booch 
aka: Kombucha infused mimosas
& art discovering

     (but mostly, Kombucha)