What is Pop Up Art Camp?

Pop Up Art Camp embodies the charm of summer camp meets the practice of art exploration. Pop Up Art Camp focuses on individual and group projects that encourage

Creative Confidence

Following Your Inspiration


Shared Values as a group 

What does Pop Up mean?

The term Pop Up reflects the applicable structure of Camp “popping up” for a variety of travel, events, facilities & schools. My intention is to extend Pop Up Camp as an offering where it is able to grow as a culture within the community and become a space for kids to always feel like its camp, away from camp!

What are the ages for Camp?

All ages / Each Pop Up Art Camp session is customized for clients- Ages may vary

Please email for questions & further information 

This camp is based on the idea that we must Let our creativity travel to where it wants—

Working with mixed media/ water color, tempera & acrylic paints, this is a paint focused class

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