8 week After-School Art course

Minimum- 12 students

Maximum- 22 students

GRADES- 3rd- 5th

Class Structure:

I will be guiding students to make expressive, colorful individual and group art project that encourage their creative confidence while instilling teamwork and shared values. This is not your traditional technique-based art class as I guide students to create from a place of their own artistry. With influences of playful elements like stretching & writing, students will find refreshed sources of self-expression. 

At the beginning of each program, Students will be given their own spirit baskets to decorate filled with their unique set of brushes & painter apron to utilize every class. Projects include: Interactive group mural, Maps- trifold maps of the heart, Affirmation cards: affirmation cards guided by you, made for you, abstract self-portraits, floral landscapes etc. 



In-home Private Art Classes

3 months // 12 sessions

2 hours once a week


What your student will be getting?

One on one art therapy inspired teachings to making abstract, colorful & expressive artworks with professional artist, Ali Rybczyk 

A personalized artist toolbox including artist grade materials: apron, sketchbook, paint, canvas, brushes etc. 

Guaranteed finished canvas pieces, new painting techniques & methods,  completed sketchbook practice & large formatted piece made with student & Ali




Please contact Ali for private bookings and to set up phone consultation to be considered for art sessions!

*Orange County residents only

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